STL - Ask Julia Colums

"Ask Julia" was a popular feature on, the online site for The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. It was a humor column masquerading as an advice column and the most fun writing job I've ever been lucky enough to have. In 2001, it was first runner up for Best Online Column at the National Association of Newspaper Columnists Awards. The following year, it was second runner up. Wrong direction, but still flattering. Here are a handful of 'em.

"Goosed" and Teen Problems (03.20.02)

"Mommy-to-be" and Kid's Birthday Party Problems (07.23.02)

"Future Felon" and Piercing Kids' Ears (07.30.02)

"Sick of It" and some Grammar Advice (08.06.02)

"In Love" and Sisterly Squabbles (08.13.02)

"What's In a Name" and Someone Who Wants to Be Just Like Me (08.27.02)

"Deeply Confused" and Problems with the Parents (09.03.02) Voices Columns

I also regularly penned columns for's "Voices" feature. Here are a few of those:

Horse(back) to nature

Whole Paycheck

Hello, Kitty!

Oh, my gosh! I'm from earth too!

Haggis in the land of the free

Of hope and bad service

Insomniac's diary