A little something fun, BBC-style

About a week or so ago, I was contacted by the BBC. This happens to me a lot, as you can probably guess. They're always wanting to interview me about this, feature me about that. They want to know all my thoughts, trail my every move. It can get tiresome, you know? But this time, they wanted to talk to me about my blog. This blog. Actually, they wanted me to tape myself talking to myself about myself and my blog for their Blogworld website. This wasn't nearly as random an occurrence as one might think; a little birdie told a mutual friend at the BBC about this new experiment and they contacted me.

Monday, this little segment went live on the BBC website and the fact that I'm sharing it here at all speaks to the success of this past week's change -- which you'll read about Friday. Normally, I'd be far too worried about what a GIANT DORK I came across as to ever voluntarily share this. But people change, or so I seem hell-bent on proving.

Thus, I'll also note that this little piece ran Monday on BBC TV and radio in Europe. In fact, a friend in Helsinki happened to have her TV on Monday and lo and behold, there was my face! Imagine her shock. No, really. Try. Imagine.