#31. Not writing a blog entry

I know, it seems like such a cop-out, doesn’t it? Plus, clearly I am writing a blog entry since you’re reading it now. How meta! How ironic! And even if we did buy that this constitutes a change, how on earth does it constitute a change for the better? Well, I’ll tell you – and if my argument seems weak, it’s because I am. I’ve been sick as a dog this week. Exhausted. Thus, the change I originally chose didn’t happen, because it wasn’t “lie on the couch, sneezing and moaning.”

And I agonized, I tell ya, over not sticking with my plan. I felt guilty and anxious until at some point I was just too sick and tired to feel guilty and anxious any more. I decided just to let it go. Just to accept that this week it wasn’t going to happen. I decided that my energy was better spent trying to get, well, better and not exerting ego worrying what people would think about my skipping a week. (She’s lazy! She’s a loser!)

So there you have it. I chose to take care of myself instead, and maybe that’s a change for the better. But I wouldn’t want to make a habit of it.

Until next week…