Milking it for all it's worth

It seems almost unfair, the way I'm still workin' the Fellowship for benefits long after Chris' tenure officially ended. I recently accepted an offer to be the editor of that must-read rag known as the KWF newsletter.! On top of all that, the mere fact that I am married to last year's fellow has gained me entree into Jim Burnstein's advanced screenwriting class at the University of Michigan this Fall. Okay, maybe the fact that my teacher from last Spring, Terry Lawson, gave me a very generous recommendation played a part too. But, basically, Jim's accepting my presence (which he doesn't get paid for) in a class that's pretty competitive to get into.

I'm excited and nervous and thrilled to get to play student again and work a bit more on the full-length screenplay I wrote last sememster. Sweet! Maybe if I don't get into the MFA program, I'll just move to Hollywood and hit the big time. I can't imagine there are many other people trying to sell scripts out there.

(Oh, by the way, at the risk of inviting another onslaught of spam, I re-enabled the comments feature below a week or so ago. So far, so good. But if the mood strikes you, comment away!)