Saturday at Market

101406-06 I would have posted lovely pictures of the Farmer's Market on Saturday, when I took them, except that I have been largely unable to access my blog the past few days. Users of my forums have noted that things are moving painfully slowly there and, similarly, it's proving infuriating to try to log into my Movable Type account to blog, let alone actually post something.

My hosting service, GoDaddy, swears it's not something they can replicate in Technical Support Land and is, therefore, a figment of my imagination and/or something I'll just have to figure out how to fix. Problem is, I have no idea what the problem is. Thus, no idea to fix it. Not that I'm frustrated or anything. It's hard being your own IT department.

All that aside, it was a lovely day at Market and I've a Flickr slideshow with more colorful fall photos by clicking here.

I'm prepping (or not prepping) right now for the third week of the six-week workshop I'm teaching at 826 Michigan on Tuesday nights. It's called "Push-Ups for Budding Auteurs" and it's aimed at giving kids who love to write an hour to flex their creative muscles through guided writing exercises and prompts. I've got an amazing group of about ten kids, ranging in age from 10 to 14, with a wide variety of interests and abilities. And some truly awesome minds. They just love to write. I'm having an amazing and challenging and frustrating time working on rewriting my screenplay. It's tough to have written a full-length feature script and then to have to dissect it and piece it back together or change it according to the rules of drama and structure and voice and timing... I'm devouring scripts right now (You Can Count on Me, Good Will Hunting, Thelma & Louise, Silence of the Lambs) and watching movies (American Beauty, Witness, Chinatown) to try to absorb some knowledge, some idea of how to piece a story together for maximum dramatic impact. And as with so many things in life, the more I see, the less I think I know.


Of course, lately I've been feeling a lot like someone who just doesn%