Charity for lazy people

So I've been meaning to send my friend Stephannie a small check to help out the girls at the Tibetan Orphanage (see post below, complete with beautiful and eager smiling faces.) But I'm one of those people for whom writing a check and getting it in the mail is a giant undertaking. Thus, I was thrilled to find out that we (that's me and you) can donate to the girls using PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can send money -- and remember, when they say $5 or $10 goes a long way in Tibet, they ain't kidding -- securely via PayPal using Stephannie's email address, The coolest part was when I made a modest contribution yesterday and got an email from Steph saying that she was going to use it to buy socks and some other supplies for the girls. Socks! How often do you get to know exactly how your contribution is affecting the lives of people? Not often, is the answer.

And now I'll stop talking about Tibetan orphans. For now, anyway.