I don't usually invite comments

Why risk it, you know? But in this case, I encourage all of my faithful readers to register to comment on my blog. It should (I hope) work much more flawlessly than Movable Type, so I guess now I just need to write something comment-worthy, eh? You will be glad to know that I resolved my bedskirt issue. Ikea has a Queen/King size one for $19.99 and, no, that is not expensive. Of course, it wound up costing me far more than that when you take into account all the extra crap that made it into my cart while I was there. Can't. Help. It.

Chris and I were up late last night doing the technical duty on getting his newest Sharesleuth.com investigative piece up on the web. It's a long read but it's a great story and represents months of hard-core investigation on the man's part.

And now we're running around frantically trying to straighten up the place. This weekend is a riot of guests. My dad and his wife Marvin (really it's Marilyn, but I like to call her Marvin) are coming in tomorrow afternoon. It's their first visit to Ann Arbor and I think it's going to be right up their alley. All my dad needs to be entertained is a coffee shop and a book store, and we gots loads of them.

Plus, former fellowship couples Graham & Rainey and Drew & Sally are coming in (from Boston and DC, respectively) and I'm very excited to see all of them. Plus, Sunday we'll venture back to the Wallace House in the morning for a brunch the class of '07 is throwing to celebrate the fact that our classmate Thomas Kamilindi has been granted political asylum by the United States. (You might remember the post I wrote last year about Thomas' experiences with the genocide in Rwanda.)

Oh! And the Royal Shakespeare Company is in town and we've got tickets to a Saturday matinee of Julius Caesar. Don't tell me the ending! I want to be surprised. I read it in high school and simply do not recall the part where he invents that salad. But boy am I glad he did! And Chris, apparently anticipating the same demise in caliber of theater audiences as movie audiences, plans to yell out, "Ooooo, don't go near Brutus! Nuh-uh!" during key moments.

Also, it will be daylight savings time. At some point. Which all sounds like plenty to keep us busy, don't you think?