The first snow fall


For a few minutes there, it took over everything. Big, soft wet flakes flurried from the sky, nesting in my hair, coating my scarf, blurring my vision as they landed on my eyelashes. There I was, tromping along Main Street after a nice lunch with a new friend, woefully under-bundled for the sudden onslaught of winter - a giant grin spread across my face.

Ask me how I feel in January, but there are few things on earth that make me smile as broadly as the sight of snow tumbling from the skies. No matter how old I get, how many times around the bend I've been, there's something about snow that brings all the good childhood feelings bubbling irrepressably to the surface.

Now, it's cleared up again, but there are still a swirl of tiny flakes, disappearing as they hit the damp ground. I've got a window seat at Sweetwaters Cafe and a lovely big latte. All's right with the world.