I want to blog!

I do! I want to catch everyone up on the excitement that is our Ann Arbor lives. I want to tell you about the workshops I've been teaching at 826 Michigan, how much I'm learning about what I do (and don't) like about the process. I want to tell you of the mad scramble to pull together the massive amount of crap necessary to apply to graduate school and how scary and old and unprepared it's making me feel. I want to express my frustration with rewriting my screenplay, how the more I learn, the less I'm sure I know and my confidence wanes daily in my ability to produce. I'd love to tell you how our dear friend Denise came to visit last weekend and how much fun we had tooling around town and how we even learned about cheese- and gelato-making at the Zingerman's Creamery tour. I want to tell you how crazy it has been getting to know the process of editing my first foray as editor of the Knight-Wallace Fellowship newsletter.

I want to chatter on about the Dem's recent victories, the suspiciously-timed ouster of Donald Rumsfeld and why that isn't a perpetual headline when Britney and K-Fed's divorce is. I want to tell you how bummed I was to be too busy to go see Shawn Colvin last night but how surprised and impressed I was when I finally made myself watch Flight 93, as recommended by my screenwriting teacher.

I want to tell you how we're leaving Friday for a quick five-day stop in Glasgow to visit family and friends and how excited I am. But I can't. Because there are transcripts to call for, lesson plans to figure out, student works to read, screenplays to peruse, revisions to make, layouts to proof. There are meetings to attend, hairs to be dyed, luggage to be dragged out of the basement. There are letters of recommendation to be begged for, hats to be finished for Tibetan orphans, travel arrangements to be made, guests to be arranged for December's Free Candy.

So for now, you'll just have to wait. And I will just have to breathe.