Man. Only a few days left before I face my self-imposed guideline for my MFA application writing samples. (And only a few more past that, really, for the actual Jan 1 deadline.) I'm flexing muscles I haven't used in a while and it's...not...easy.

My advanced screenwriting class finished this week and I wish I could say I turned in a fabulous rewrite. But I didn't. I admit that I had to choose some priorities there and the screenplay fell by the wayside. I'm still humbled and stymied by the process and need more guidance than I care to admit, but I think I'll return to it at some point because I did enjoy having done it. I did enjoy the feeling of breaking through and getting something decent down on paper, no matter how much mental torture and frustration preceded it.

I'm heading out shortly to the last session of the "You've Got to Work It!" workshop I've been facilitating at 826michigan. I wound up with four kids between the ages of 13 and 15 and they've been awesome. They're so eager to learn, so in love with writing and so respectful towards one another in the workshop environment. I've learned a great deal from them, too -- and I'm thrilled to find out that all of them want to continue the workshop after the break. I love, love, love teaching it, so it gives me something to look forward too also.

Not much else going on. What with Chris and I battling a stupid cold for weeks, it seems we haven't been out and about doing much noteworthy lately. I've been slowly getting my rear in gear for the holidays ahead, which includes shopping and card writing and knitting, etc.

I don't often write about my knitting here. I don't know why, exactly, other than the fact that a) would bore the vast majority of my readers, b) I'm hesitant to let the entire world know just how obsessed I am with it and c) I'm too lazy to take photos of projects, which is half the fun. That said, I recently picked up a couple balls of Louisa Harding Kimono yarn, on a whim. I was wooed by the sample project at the yarn store, a pair of fingerless mittens knit up in the gorgeous variagated autumn tones, made with the 80% angora yarn. It was like sticking your hand inside a bunny!

So I shelled out the $11 per ball (I know! I know! I NEVER buy yarn at full price!) and whipped myself up a pair of custom fit fingerless gloves. It took me just under one ball and the result is delicious. I wear them all the time, even around the house (I can type with them on!) and have decided I much prefer angora to my own skin. Make of that what you will.