I'm the luckiest woman alive

Right now, my husband is in the kitchen, tossing pots and pans around, preparing a lovely and healthy dinner for us. How great is that? It's so nice when one of us cooks at home because, well, it's just good to know our kitchen works. As I mentioned, last night was the last of my 826michigan workshops for this session. Those crazy kids nearly brought me to tears, presenting me with a lovely little gift and a thank you card. Whose teenagers ARE these? Really thoughtful. I'm surprised at how much I'll miss them over the break but we'll be picking up the session again in mid-January and I'm hoping all of them will be able to attend again. They're just so dedicated and willing to keep working on their pieces. You'd think I could learn something from it.

Judging by all the decorations -- including the twinkly fairy lights hugging all the downtown trees -- Christmas is right around the bend. It's been years since I've put up a tree, although I do drape the poor ficus with a string of white lights and watch the delicate branches bend under the weight of a few little ornaments. It's a pretty sad effort and a far cry from the all-get-out themed Christmas trees I put up the first couple of years Chris and I lived together.

Driving on the highway today, I noticed that someone had decorated a fir tree at the edge of their property. Not a cut one, but just a random tree, one among many, facing the road, glittering with red and silver christmas balls and some tinsel. It was a really lovely sight. Made me think we should all just start decorating trees outside instead of inside. No cutting down trees. No messing with pine needles. And, really, can't your kids just put on a coat and suck it up on Christmas morning to run outside, dust the snow off their presents and haul their booty back indoors?