Pahk your cah in Hahvahd Yahd

Here's another distraction for your very busy day. It's a website that, based on the result of a handful of questions, purports to be able to tell you what kind of American accent you have. I've always thought mine was a pretty generic accent, since I've lived in a fair number of different US cities since coming here from Scotland, the majority of them in the Midwest. It was interesting to note, however, that the results said mine is a Boston accent. Interesting, I think, because Boston was the first city we lived in when we moved from the UK. I suppose it makes sense that my root American accent -- which I confess to trying to acquire deliberately -- would be that one. Or maybe it's a load of malarky.

I know my accent is somewhat flexible. When I'm in Scotland or speaking to my Gran on the phone, it slips back in there. Even when I talk to my Dad on the phone, my accent's probably different. It's kind of funny when my family gets together for Christmas. My Dad has a Scottish accent (removed 30 years), my older brother has a sort of hybrid British accent, my sister has hints of Indiana (money comes in DAH-llers) and my younger brother has some distinct Louisville (the number after four is fahve). It's like a little UN!

Either way, what's yours? Try it at