They breed 'em meaner in Iowa

The best thing about being married? You get a whole 'nother family to love and support you. For example, this morning I got this thoughtful email from my dear mother-in-law Jean, in response to my last email about the weather here:

Sissy! Try -12 degrees with wind chill of -25!!!!!! A trip to the mailbox is numbing. This used to be routine weather for this time of year but no doubt global warming has changed things some.  We're not used to it anymore.  Sissies!! Love, Jean

Warms the heart, doesn't it? Hell. Now I can't even complain that it's one degree out. Jean's probably out sowing corn, tilling fields with a teaspoon and birthing a calf with her spare hand -- all in negative 50 degrees. In a t-shirt and sandals. Perspective's everything, eh?

(Love ya, Mama Jean!)