Runs, guns, candy & art

It's a big weekend here in St. Louis and not just because Amanda and I are doing Free Candy tomorrow night at 7 pm at Hartford Coffee. No, it seems others are trying to take advantage of the crowds Free Candy will no doubt draw. It's also Venus Envy weekend, the St. Louis Marathon and -- as if that weren't enough -- the National Rifle Association convention. I suspect there will be strong overlap between the all-female art fans who attend Venus Envy and the gun-lovin' destructive bastards here to celebrate the NRA.

I've been here in St. Louis since Wednesday evening and, despite bringing Michigan-like chill and grey skies with me, have been having a dandy time playing catch-up with friends and family. And spending an inordinate amount of time at Hartford Coffee drinking, not surprisingly, an inordinate amount of coffee. I've also spent more time in a car, getting to and fro, than I have in months. Can't say I miss traversing highways, finding parking, as part of my daily life. If we moved back to St. Louis, I think we'd have to find somewhere to live where we could walk to some favorite haunts.

Earlier today we had a real treat, catching up with Chris' brother Joel, his wife Kathleen and their 'dorable baby Genevieve. They drove in from Salem, Illinois to meet us for lunch. Now we're chillin' at the coffee house and will spend the afternoon with more friends before heading to the 52nd City Sound issue release party this evening. This issue is in CD format, featuring sound files (music and other interesting contributions) from St. Louisans. Pretty cool stuff and precisely what you'd expect from the creative minds of editors Andrea Avery, Thomas Crone and Stefene Russell. Get one!

You know, in case you were wondering!