La Lana Wools

If you are not a knitter, look away! If you are -- or perhaps even just an appreciator of hand-made goods and pretty, shiny things -- then you may enjoy these additional photos from my trip a couple of weeks ago to La Lana Wools in Taos. Figgered they were purty enough to toss up here. La Lana Wools 02 As a non-dyer it's hard to believe that they manage to get all these shades using plant-based dyes. Some of the richer tones require double and even triple processing to achieve.

La Lana Wools 03 A pile of absolutely gorgeous silk and cotton blend gem tones.

La Lana Wools 04 Hard to tell from this photo but these were long ropes of hand-painted variegated yarns.

La Lana Wools 05 I don't even know what you call a yarn this thick and rope-y but it's got to be like knittin' straight from the sheep.

La Lana Wools 06 A peek at the wool yarns and roving in the back room.

La Lana Wools 07 These lovely wools had inspired names such as "greeny" and "bluey." Having been the childhood owner of one stuffed duck named "Ducky" and a doll named "Dolly," I can appreciate this type of quiet genius.

La Lana Wools 08 Baskets for roving for the spinning-inclined. One day I really will get to usin' the spinning wheel I bought from my friend Margaret.

La Lana Wools 09 Dried flowers, plants and even onion skins are used for achieving the colors of the yarns.

La Lana Wools 10 I'd probably never knit with something this thick 'n funky but, man, is it beautiful to look at.