A weekend in A2, part I

I spent much of this weekend wandering around Ann Arbor with my new camera, taking pictures of not much important and enjoying the weather and the company of my husband. The former was idyllic and the latter was a nice treat, as he has been working 15 hour days, seven days a week for some time now to keep the wheels of Sharesleuth rollin'. (The result of this last burst of work is an interesting piece on a company that implants human cadaver bones into spines -- which, you might be fascinated/horrified to learn does not require FDA approval. Read it here.) Friday evening Chris and I wandered into town after dinner to check out the scene and grab a coffee. On the way, we encountered some A2 wildlife:

06.08.07 2 (7)

Even the graffiti artists are polite here:

06.08.07 2 (21)

Ann Arbor's packed with some really gorgeous architecture, especially around Main Street. This view is of one of my favorite buildings, the First National Bank Building, an Art Deco gem that dates back to 1927 and, at the time of its erection, was the tallest structure in the city.

06.08.07 2 (26)

Nowadays, historical architecture competes with the crop of lofts that are popping up around the area, most of them in new construction high-rises. (Well, not too high...A2 doesn't like to have their skyline messed with, and I say, good on 'em.) I can't conceive of where they'll find people to fill all the lofts they're building, especially at price tags ranging from $250k to $600 per unit.

06.08.07 2 (25)

Onto downtown...typical of a gorgeous summer eve, Whiteyville was in full swing, packing in the outdoor cafes.

06.08.07 2 (42)

Not a bad place to live, at all.

06.08.07 2 (49)