A few additional random thoughts from the weekend

1. Knocked Up is good. Not great, but the good news is that Paul Rudd is hot again. 2. Ocean's Thirteen is better than Twelve but, frankly, I could watch Pitt and Clooney picking their teeth in well-tailored suits and I'd be perfectly entertained.

3. Keys still missing. I've never done this before. I've misplaced keys for a day or so, only to find them in the fridge or the bathroom closet. But we've searched high and low and said keys are gone. VANISHED!

4. I am becoming quite the expert at covering throw pillows. Chris is becoming quite concerned. Soon, our throw pillows will have throw pillows on them. I can't sew anything else yet.

5. If you are at all craftsy, do check out the publication Adorn. It's filled with crazy projects you'll probably never make but flipping the pages makes you feel like you're in good company. (Also, check out the crazy vintage reproduction fabrics at ReproDepot -- supercrazycool and kitschy to the extreme.)

6. I love Eddie Izzard. I do. He's hilarious and brilliant and even though I had difficulty getting through the first few episodes of The Riches because of his spotty American accent, I'm hooked. Sad to see that season end. (Props too to Minnie Driver who does ignorant-Southern-American better than any native.)