Catching up

06.22.07 (57) I haven't been a very good blogger lately. Were there a High Commission of Bloggers -- no doubt headed by teenage girls and boy-geeks -- I would have been put on warning for sure. And that means you've been missing out on all the fabulously entertaining moments of my life. Or something.

The most notable (and enjoyable) event of the past couple of weeks was a three-day visit from my sister and my two youngest nieces, Olivia, 5, and Rebecca, 8. That's them above with the campus clock tower growing out of their heads. We had a really terrific visit ambling about town. (Olivia below.)

06.22.07 (5)

Among the cool things we did was hit the Ann Arbor Summer Festival called Top of the Park, which is a little confusing since it's not currently held in a park but, rather, on campus. (Turns out it used to be held on top of a parking lot which, while certainly less scenic, makes more sense in a titular vein.) Chris and I were in St. Louis last June, so I had no idea that this event takes place. Every night in June, they have bands playing outside for free and most weeknights they're followed at 10 by an outdoor movie. Pretty cool, no?

06.22.07 (30)

Last week, we went to local fave Stucchi's for some ice cream (the girls are devoted to their lemon sorbet) and wandered over to check out Strange Fruit. This Australian performance art troupe does a very cool thang that sort of combines acrobatics, dance, theater...a little hard to explain. They sort of sway back and forth at the top of these long poles, performing out silent storylines of love unrequited to an operatic soundtrack. The only drawback was that length of the show -- just 20 minutes or so, but the girls (and I) thought it was pretty riveting.

06.22.07 (41)

We also managed to kill three-and-a-half hours at Ikea while they were here. The girls had a blast wandering around all their room mock-ups and picking out "their" kitchens. (If you haven't been to Ikea, the showroom contains entire rooms set up to demonstrate different ways to use their products, as well as a couple of tiny "apartments" to show how their stuff works in small spaces.)

Since they left last weekend, we've just been trucking along with life as usual. Nothing too exciting, hence the lack of posts. Both of us have been really busy with our jobs, which generally get in the way of having non-stop fun, but what are you gonna do?