Found versus Post Secret

In case you're in Ann Arbor and looking for something great to do this weekend, I highly recommend checking out the Found vs. Post Secret event this Friday, Nov. 16 at the Michigan Theater. I don't know much about Post Secret's Frank Warren, but I have browsed the website on many occasion in full voyeuristic mode. And even though some of them postcards can be heavy, I've had the pleasure of attending Found Magazine events in St. Louis at the uber-fab Mad Art Gallery, so I know for sure those Rothbart boys can dish up some levity. It's part of a national tour and our A2 evening even promises up Ann Arbor mayor John Hieftje arm-wrestling local slam poetry guru Jeff Kass in a "death-defying duel." That and a few of Peter Rothbart's found-based ditties should make for a slew of fun. (Can there be a slew of fun?) Plus, Found Magazine is based here in A2, so it's a very special episode of what I'm sure is otherwise a cold and impersonal nationwide tour.

It'll be an interesting, unusual and fun event and, perhaps the best part, it benefits local charities, including my pet favorite, 826 Michigan. Buy tickets here, stir and enjoy!