A return to Free Candy

Those of you in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area will be thrilled -- thrilled, I say -- to hear that I'm returning to my old stomping grounds this weekend for another episode/installment/theater of the absurd performance of Free Candy, St. Louis' #1 live, non-broadcast, local interest talk show. Yes, Tom Weber just couldn't take the heat trying to fill my shoes and has skedaddled off to Minnesota. He said something about a job with Minnesota Public Radio but, I mean, I think we all know the real story. Even more exciting, while we'll be at ol' reliable Hartford Coffee Company on Sunday night, we're starting at a new time of 6 pm, so all of you who belly-ache about being out past 8 pm on a school night won't have an excuse not to attend. In addition, Amanda and I are thrilled to be sharing a bill of sorts with the fine folks who churn out 52nd City, truly a labor of literary love, which is one of the finest city lit mags I've seen. We'll be celebrating the release of their latest issue, themed and titled "Stupid," from 5 pm to 6 pm. There'll be some deals and fun in the mix, and I strongly urge you to come out, have some good, clean fun and support both us and them!

Oh, as for Free Candy, we're still firming up our guests -- as we are wont to do until the 11th hour -- but we do know that one of them will be guest favorite Debbie Baldwin from the Ladue News, who's fun personified. Hope to see you there!