The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Okay, the sky is not falling. But you might be forgiven for thinking so given the mad crowds I just tackled at Trader Joe's. Here I thought dropping into TJ's mid-morning on a Thursday would be a breeze, but little did I know that there's a winter storm on the way. In the old days, I think that sent people to the grocery store to stock up on bread and milk, but in this town, it sends them to Trader Joe's to stock up on organic pomegranate juice and bags of white cheddar Pirate's Booty. Am I the only one who looks forward to the inches of snow we're expecting -- maybe four tonight and the same again tomorrow? Apparently so. I may also be one of the few who don't actually have to leave their houses during the day and I could see how tackling it could certainly be maddening. Still, I love me some winter storm action. Yeah, yeah. Ask me again after five years in Michigan, but for now, I'll lay in the firewood and enjoy.

Maybe I'll even find time to catch up on the things I haven't posted about here. I've been meaning to upload a handful of pics from our trip to St. Louis, nearly two weeks ago now. Plus there's a handful of projects I've been working on and snapping photos of my FO's (that's craft speak for Finished Objects). And I haven't even commented on what's going on in Britney's life! So much to catch up on. But not now. Now I'm heading out the door to the gym. You know, to stock up on muscle mass before the snow starts.