Sunny Sunday walk

031608 - Allie & linens Some things I saw on a late afternoon walk yesterday afternoon around our neighborhood in Ann Arbor. (Okay, so that one above may not technically have been taken on our walk, but if Allie could have come with us, he'd have given up his sunny spot on clean sheets in a heartbeat.)

031608 - Turtle 1

Turtles seemed to be something of a theme...

031608 - Turtle 2

...sunning themselves on rocks.

031608 Turtle 3

Perhaps this last one's pushing the theme a tad, but it seemed sad to leave it out.

031608 - Water pump station

Above is a very cool building near our house, a series of small-scale lofts nestled just off the street. The building used to be some kind of water station pump thingie. I'm big on details.

031608 - Mulholland Ave

One of my favorite streets, Mulholland Avenue, with its pretty painted houses.

031608 - Mailbox

A bright and cheery mailbox.

031608 - Thingie & Branch

A curious yard ornament against a yellow house.

031608 - Bench

A sunny spot to sit under a tree.

031608 - Boxes

Two silver boxes on a blue sideboard on a porch. Did I mention I love this town, especially on foot? I'll never run out of cool little things to notice.