Tally ho, Tally Hall

It's been a long time since I watched a music video. Which is funny, because I'm of the generation that came of age just as the moon man bounced in the dawn of MTV. I remember being in middle school and going over to a friend's house -- we didn't have cable -- to breathlessly await a new Duran Duran video. (The Reflex! With the wave of water coming out at the end like it was COMING RIGHT AT YOU!) Or staying up late to watch Friday Night Videos so that I'd be in the loop around the proverbial middle school water cooler the next day. All of this is a very long-winded way of saying that I just watched the new music video for the song "Good Day" by Ann Arbor band Tally Hall. I'm so out of the loop on local music -- hell, on new music in general -- but these guys seem to have garnered quite a following and have been popping up everywhere from the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to MTVu. (See, I don't even know what MTVu is.) I read in this month's Observer (a local rag) that they're re-releasing their first album "Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum" on a major label. Good for them.

But back to the video. I don't know what the other kids are doing with their videos these days (and thus, it may turn out this video isn't remarkable at all) but the "Good Day" video is a tad infectious, a little dizzying and fun to watch, especially for Ann Arborites, since many shots were done around town. (They're playing in front of Rackham Hall! Now they're in the Big House!) Anyway, I'm not entirely sure about the song -- might be a little Queen-esquely operatic for my tastes -- but the sheer effort that must have gone into making this video makes it worth a nod. And who doesn't love a local-boys-make-good story?