Empty Nest

I just realized, to my great surprise, that I hadn't actually written a new post in nearly three weeks. I know; I'm a terrible blogger. It's just that I've been spending most of my mental energy doing something that's also surprising: writing. My work's coming along painfully slowly, but progress is being made in between bouts of writer's block and self-doubt (although those may be the same things.) On the jay front, the nest has been empty for some days now. The babies ventured out from one branch to another, then on to the next nearest tree, then the next. For a few days we could still find them in the morning by following the cacophony of squawking and wing flapping when the parents brought them food. And we can hear and see the parents in the neighborhood sometimes, but the kiddies have graduated to higher branches and have moved on.

Sigh. Would I be the world's biggest dope if I said it was a little sad?