Adventures in Apple Pickin'

101108 - Orchard (8)

For some reason we're having unbelievably warm weather here in Ann Arbor -- I'm talkin' high 70s. Thank you global warming! So when my friend Jason suggested we head to one of the local orchards for a little apple pickin' yesterday, I was all for it. Or, you know, what passes for all for it for me.

101108 - Orchard (4)

We headed to Wasem Fruit Farm in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor's neighboring city as our friend Zak the Apparent Orchard Authority said it was the best. (This being Michigan, the area's got several orchards and cider mills to choose from. Howzat for variety?)

It was bright, beautiful and sunny, perfect for frolicking among the perfect rows of trees, sampling different kinds of apples and filling up our 1/2 bushel bags. I'm a tart apple kind of gal, and since it's not yet time for Granny Smiths yet, we stuck mostly with Ida Reds, a suitably tart, crisp substitute.

101108 - Orchard (7)

And lest I be accused of sticking with the healthy fare, it's worth noting that Wasem also offers up some of the freshest, bestest donuts you'll ever have in your life. We sampled a big bag full of blueberry, apple, pumpkin and plain donuts with your choice of vanilla icing, maple icing or no icing. They put most donuts to shame, I tell you. (Sorry no pics, but we ate them too fast, washing them down with fresh-pressed cider -- while constantly dodging and weaving to avoid the onslaught of bees that were every bit as confused about the weather as we were.)

A few more snaps of the day:

101108 - Orchard (9) Jason offering up his forbidden fruit while Zak does God-knows-what in the background.

101108 - Orchard (15) Zak on his ladder.

101108 - Orchard Sarah, lovin' her some caramel apple action.

101108 - Orchard (10) Jason 'n Jon.

101108 - Orchard (3) Zak, Sarah and Chris -- the blond orchard babes.

101108 - Orchard (22) Jason 'n Sarah.

More photos for the so-inclined here on my Flickr page.