The time is now

It's today. By which I mean it's Tuesday. Not just any Tuesday. It's that Tuesday. Are you nervous? Are you excited? I feel it in my toes, the sense that we're participating in history. That years from now, we'll be able to tell people exactly where we were the night America finally elected its first African-American president, the night the tides changed. Or, perhaps, where we were the night the evil powers that be stole the biggest election in history and people took to the streets rioting.

I'm just that cynical.

My husband keeps walking around with a wee bit of a swagger, the walk of a man who got in and out of the booth at the elementary school nice and early. He keeps saying things like, "It's in the bag." While I have to admit that I have hope -- especially since I read this morning that Karl Rove, Republican evil incarnate, has predicted an Obama landslide -- I also fear the power of jinx.

How's a girl supposed to get anything done today, I ask you?