Reunited. Yes, it felt so good.

Haven't posted in days. Loads of excuses. Been busy. Been tired. Even been writing. And now I've a stupid cold. But I figured that in my current position -- under a blanket on the couch, in front of a roaring fire, with a pot of peppermint tea and my laptop -- I should at least get something up here. This past weekend, we had a mini-reunion of some of our classmates from the '06 Knight-Wallace Fellowship. Or pals Kim and Gerard came to the states from Sydney, Australia just to be here for the election. (They were lucky enough to learn of Obama's victory while in The Daily Show audience -- and celebrated afterwards at the show's star-studded party.) They were spending the bulk of their trip in Boston with our friends Graham and Raney, so the foursome headed back to Ann Arbor for a little nostalgia-fest.

As it happens, our classmate Steve was traveling through Detroit on his way home from London after doing some election coverage for the BBC. We convinced fellow Fellows Tony and Vanessa to come from Pittsburgh and Chicago, respectively. With Fara, John, Birgit and Chris already in town -- and Jamie and Amy just over in Ferndale -- it made for quite a gang, lots of comings and goings, combos of folk from Thursday through Monday.

What we did was largely what we did during our Fellowship year: ate too much, drank too much, talked about journalism, politics and everything else and a lot of late nights. We shared stories, a ridiculous amount of laughter and even, apparently, some germs. So you'll just have to wait until the next post for a few photos of our jollarity. Can you stand it? Can you wait that long? Yeah, I know. But try.