Under snow

011109 Snowy Day_10

We had a couple of inches of snow at some point last week and then on Friday  night it started again, falling slowly, and picking up pace by mid-morning on Saturday. By Sunday, it was piled comically in the seats of our deck chairs like seriously over-stuffed cushions. It was deep and fluffy and covered everything. When all was said and done, we probably had a total of 9 or 10 inches for the week.

011109 Snowy Day_13

It helps that we live in a city like Ann Arbor where, by Sunday morning, all the major roads were virtually snow free and all the side roads were getting taken care of. It's not hard to cope with such snow when the city does, for the most part, a bang up job of taking care of the white stuff. Of course, we're still left to shovel our own walks and driveways, but fortunately Chris -- who had been absent for the week's earlier snow -- was back to handle the big one.

We're due another couple of inches tonight and, apparently, again tomorrow night before an ass-freezing sets in for the coming week. This is the snowiest winter of our four in Ann Arbor thus far and it'll be interesting to see how much we'll have had when all's said and done. (And, yes, as hard as it may be to believe, I still love the white stuff. By which I mean snow.)

Here are a few more shots of our house, our deck and other small sights:

011109 Snowy Day_21 Our little yellow house

011109 Snowy Day_17

Maggie's bike

011109 Snowy Day_23 Frosted fence post

011109 Snowy Day_08 The little bench by the lilac bush

011109 Snowy Day_27 Snowbama