The world's worst blogger

Believe me, I'm racked with guilt. I haven't blogged a word in ages, as you well know. And it's not because we haven't done anything. We have! Really! It's just that I can't seem to find time to do it as we scramble to pack as much Quality Time with everyone into what is now our last 11 days. We've had a visit from Ferhat Boratav, the Editor in Chief of CNN Turk, who came to see us on our home turf. We were entertained by legendary political cartoonist Pat Oliphant who came in and whipped up sketches on command for us last week. And we had an interesting seminar with the managing editor of BeliefNet, the online religion mag, which offers up such handy tools as the Belief-o-Matic, in case you can't figure out your religious leanings for yourself.

Plus, we celebrated Thomas' birthday last week on April 6. Twelve years ago, the Rwandan genocide began on Thomas' 33rd birthday and he hasn't celebrated since. But this year his beautiful daughter Bush was in town and we threw a small to-do and I hope we gave him just a few, small positive memories to associate with the date.

It was a grand weekend, too. My friend Cathi came from St. Louis on Friday and we spent the weekend doing an eating tour of Ann Arbor. We started it off with a Friday lunch seminar at Zingerman's Roadhouse with Ari Weinzweig. (I have a huge corporate crush on that man now!) I may never need to eat again.

And Saturday night, we topped it off with Cosmic Bowling where we finally convinced Kim that it was an American white-trash rite of passage to experience and not actually punishment.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous today and we're off to lunchtime seminar with Andy Revkin of the New York Times talking about covering the environment. Then I've got to crack down on my screenplay which is due on Wednesday. Yikes.

In the meantime, we're scheduling all sorts of events for the week of graduation. Some of us are working on pulling together a yearbook, a souvenir photo album for everyone. Others are on prom committee, planning the party we'll have the day after graduation. And then there are those lucky souls who are planning the Fellow's presentation at graduation proper. Lots to do and, did I mention, so little time?