Already an oven

Man, it's hot in St. Louis. It's 94 degrees today, which seems extreme for May, even for here. The weather site says it's 53% humidity but I suspect there's a "1" missing from in front of that. I forgot how much I hate this heat. I awoke this morning to the thunk of our central air kicking on, having to compete with nature even at 6 in the morning to keep our house at a reasonable 75 degrees. I listened to the whir of the system and thought, "That is the sound of money draining out of our bank account." My stomach tightened.

Here we are, though. Gearing up for another St. Louis summer, testing our systems by dashing from the oppressive heat of the sidewalks into the subzero AC of restaurants, shops, offices and homes. It wears on your system. It makes me feel tired, no matter how much rest I get. I suit up to work out and step outside and have to use every ounce of will to get me into the car and to the gym.

Complain much? Me? Nah.

It's strange to be back, living in something of a limbo state. Not quite sure what the next phase of my career is going to look like. No freelance jobs at the moment. I've cleaned the kitchen for the last week, every day. Hey Shel, I think I'm a house wife.


On Sunday, 60 Minutes ran a special hour on Mike Wallace. At the end, Wallace himself introduced a section about his affinity for Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan (his alma mater) and the Knight-Wallace Fellowship.