More Chris coverage

The AP's report (which includes some factual errors, it should be noted) about the Mark Cuban-Chris Carey venture heretoforthwith known as begins thusly:

A newspaper reporter says Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is financing a new Web site that will investigate stock fraud and corporate wrongdoing.

Which kind of makes it sound like Chris is just making it up, doesn't it? Like the next line would read, maybe, "Christopher Carey also says that Cuban is going to buy him a giant castle and a trained monkey, plus all the candy he can eat for three months!"

The AP story has already been picked up and run on a number of news sites, including the Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, ABC News, MSN Money, the Washington Post, Newsday, Forbes and Australia's The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Not bad coverage for a day's work, eh?

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