My pal Wangmo

That entry title either sounds silly or dirty (or maybe both), but I promise you it's not. It's a reference to my friend Stephannie, who I met last year when she was working as the office manager for the Knight-Wallace Fellowship. Steph's a cool cat all around, a whiz-bang office manager, for sure but also a classically trained opera singer, music teacher and, you know, Buddhist priestess (I think that's the title, forgive me if I'm wrong) and translator of rare Tibetan texts. I know what you're thinking: yeah, who isn't?

Towards the end of the Fellowship (as you might have read here) Stephannie was given the opportunity to move to Tibet and work on translating some texts, teach English to the people there and learn a new Tibetan dialog. And so she went, packing up her Western life and Western culture and segueing into a whole different existence.

I've been getting so much out of reading her travel journal entries online (ain't technology grand?). And even if you don't know Stephannie (or Wangmo, as she's known there), there is so much to be gained by checking out her journals. It's an amazingly intimate glimpse into every day life in a world I can only imagine -- as well as a constant lesson in grace and gratitude. Check it out at

If you're out there in some internet cafe in Tibet, Stephannie, know that you are admired and missed!