Fall has arrived

I don't know if it's here to stay, but the fact that today's high isn't supposed to exceed 60 degrees certainly suggests that we're actually going to have an autumn this year. True, I've been looking forward to this, my favorite season, when we get to bundle up in sweaters and layers and take long walks shuffling our feet through piles of fallen leaves. But I'm not sure I'm quite emotionally prepared for the actual End of Summer as it will mean some really serious focus on my writing goals, especially my MFA application. It's been yet another whirlwind week in the life of crazy-travelin' Jules. Last week's big excitement was starting the advanced screenwriting class I'm taking. It's going to be a lot of work and a lot of homework but I think it's going to be a terrific education in rewriting and give me a greater insight into this strange and difficult craft. I'm learning a lot, even if I feel like I'm practically ancient in a sea full of lethargic 20-year-olds.

Chris and I zipped off last Thursday to Louisville for my brother Jonathan's wedding. Chris stayed through the rehearsal dinner Friday night but had to jet off pre-ceremony on Saturday morning to return to Ann Arbor, where he was scheduled to speak on a panel about post-fellowship careers. It was one of many events during the Knight-Wallace Fellowship reunion weekend, most of which I missed.

I got up at an ungodly hour on Sunday to make it back to Ann Arbor in time for the KWF BBQ and then to host a small gathering of the class of 2006 on our deck afterwards. Lovely time catching up with fellows from in town and out, including Fara Warner (with new beau Paul in tow), John Bacon (with the lovely Whitney), the entire Butters clan, Lisa & Chuck in from NYC, Rainey & Graham in from Boston and Thomas Kamilindi. Good times!

Now I'm scrambling to update this blog, get some homework reading done and head off to Pioneer High School this afternoon to help local scribe Deb Merion with her college essay writing workshop (an 826 Michigan gig). Then it's back home for a jump start on the week's homework since I'll be out of town next weekend again for a rockin' Free Candy. Very much looking forward to it, although I'll take a weekend at home after that, if you don't mind.