St. Louis again

I can't stay away. I'm back in St. Louis for the weekend, this time for a performance of St. Louis' top-rated non-broadcast live talk show, Free Candy. Somehow we've once again used our wiles to wrangle up an impressive and fun guest line up. Amanda made some sort of deal with the devil to get us a few minutes with the much-ballyhooed and world-reknown conductor David Robertson who recently signed on to be the musical director of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra until 2010. Very fancy! He must have us confused with, like, Letterman or something. It happens all the time. Just don't tell him, okay? We're also going to have Charles Henderson on from the St. Louis Scottish Games . If you're not from around here, you may not know what a big ol' deal this event is each year. But people will be coming from all over to toss cabers and do the highland fling next weekend, mark my words. And I'm excited to hear singer-songwriter Jesse Irwin. Amanda's been talking up his combo of clever lyrics and folky music, especially on his song "Ladeusiers." It'll mean nothing to those outside the St. Louis area, but those familiar with the hoity-toity nabe of Ladue will appreciate such poignant turns of phrase as:

You're rich and you're bright and you're pasty and white You've got what it takes to suceed You like cheeses and wine, and you're real good at buyin' Lots of shit that you don't really need And you live in a house for a family of ten But you've got a family of two You're a Laduesier, Laduesier - a hoosier that lives in Ladue

Actually, I'm excited about all aspects of this show. I was here a couple of months ago for a show, in the midst of all our moving madness, and didn't really feel like I brought it. (Brung it?) Now, life's a little less crazy and I'm able to focus a little on it and hopefully not force Amanda to carry the whole show while I gaze out at the audience comatose. Not that she doesn't do it beautifully, because she does.

So if you're in St. Louis, come by Hartford Coffee Company at Hartford & Roger in the Tower Grove South neighborhood. Tomorrow night, 7 pm start -- which means get there by 6:15 or so to grab a seat. Free candy, free entertainment. Excellent.

Enough plugging of all that. It's been another fast weekend here, running around trying to see as many beloved friends as possible in too short a timeframe. Then it's back to Ann Arbor Monday morning. And at some point in there I've got some serious homework to do for my screenwriting class.

I'm actually suffering from a bit of a crisis of confidence in that arena. I met with my study group last week and am now afraid that perhaps people in their early 20s with no life experience don't "get" my writing. Well, it's either that or my work sucks as badly as they said it does and it seems far, far easier to blame them.... Oh, the life of a college student is so, so hard!