Kiki's here!

Kiki-Cover1 I've a million things I want to write about, but most of all I wanted to give a shout out (as the kids say, or used to, eight million years ago) to the much-anticipated premiere issue of Kiki Magazine. I've written a bit about this mag in the past few months and I've got a couple of articles in the premiere issue. But I finally got my paws on a hard copy upon my return to Glasgow and I have to say the resulting publication is terrific. I have a terrific amount of admiration for Jamie Bryant working-mom-turned-novice-magazine-publisher.

In case I didn't hammer it home hard enough, Kiki's a fashion magazine "for girls with style and substance." It very cool-y takes young girls' interest in fashion and design quite seriously and serves up a ton of great, informative and interesting articles -- alongside some terrific DIY tips and creativity pages.

The premiere issue includes articles about Donna Karan and Isaac Mizrahi; the history of denim; fashion capitol New York City; spending your money smartly; and the 411 on different types of fabric and where they come from. There are great DIY articles on how to make a ribbon rosette, how to create a budget for your wardrobe; and cute hairdos girls can do themselves.

The mag also doubles as a creativity journal with pages that teach you how to draw, start a dream journal and design your own store front. Plus there are quizzes, book reviews, product reviews, etc. There's a TON more in here than I even imagined when I started writing for it.

So yes, I'm a tad biased but SERIOUSLY, if you know a girl aged 8-14 who digs fashion, you simply must put a subscription to Kiki on your Xmas shopping list for them. I'm a tad older than 14 and I think it's awesome.