Dreary Day -- Xmas Revisited

It's a perfectly dreary day here in Ann Arbor. The temperature is due to peak at a suspiciously balmy 56 degrees. It's been some combination of mist, fog and rain for the past couple of days, slowly melting away at all the snow we had. Looking out the window at the dregs of snow drifts morphing into brown and gray puddles it's hard to believe everything was hidden under nearly a foot of snow not even a week ago. I curse you global warming! I'm also feeling extra-low-energy as I'm in the midst of changing my medications for fibromyalgia. That means weaning off those I've taken for the past eight or nine years while starting the new one and the process is knocking me on my ass. I'm sleeping a ridiculous amount and still feeling like I'm worn down. I know it's part of the process and, I hope, that the ultimate result will be less pain, better quality sleep, etc. But for now it's just a period of adjustment and, to be honest, it's not much fun.

Looking for something to cheer me up -- and realizing that I never got around to posting any snaps of our Christmas trip to Indy -- I thought now might be a good time. Thus, without further ado...

12.24.07 Xmas Eve 15 Chris and my oldest niece Jenn, chillin' on Christmas eve.

12.25.07-09 Christmas morning. Olivia looks devilishly happy with this Leapfrog game.

12.25.07-35 My nephew Will, rocking the traditional Christmas fedora.

12.25.07-15 Rebecca and Jenn amid piles of presents.

12.25.07-20 Mama Peeps (Chris' mom), Rebecca & Olivia enjoying Christmas breakfast.

12.25.07-21 Wow. Hard to believe they're not actually related by blood, eh?

12.25.07-42 My younger brother Dave and his spotted dick.

12.25.07-54 Jane's beautiful Christmas table.

12.25.07-59 The entertainment.

12.25.07-66 Marilyn & Olivia.

12.25.07-69 Rebecca & Mama Peeps. (The red wig was part of my Dad's contribution to festivities. The paper hats come from the crackers and are just par for the course.)

12.25.07-70 Little Orphan Becca.

Those seeking more entertainment will find photo sets from Christmas eve and Christmas day -- as well as an exclusive fashion photo shoot with Olivia -- on my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/readjulia/sets/