Irritable much?

Man. I'm in a mood today. I'm trying very hard to bear in mind that it's probably largely due to my change in fibromyalgia medications, that I am exhausted from the new one and grouchy from withdrawing from the old one. And the fact that it's grey and rainy again, doesn't help. But really. I just got back from the Y where I had a pretty good workout that left me in a relatively good mood. However, trying to exit the Y parking lot, I got stuck two cars behind an older gentleman. I couldn't see clearly from my car, but the exit gate wasn't lifting, so obviously there was some sort of error -- whether user problem or faulty system, I didn't know. All I know is that we weren't moving and I could see him pressing the call button for help a couple of times.

Since I was at the end of the line, I backed my car up and went inside to tell the front desk. Now, it should be noted there were four YMCA employees behind the desk at this point. I asked them if they knew that there was a man stuck at the exit. To my surprise, two of them replied that they did know. "He's too close to the gate," one said. "He needs to back up." Another said, "You mean the elderly gentleman? When he calls back up here again, we can buzz him out."

To which I responded, perhaps not patiently, that there were cars behind his and that somebody needed to go down there and help him. Which one of them did, but not without a distinct look of annoyance passing across his face.

Now. I know that I'm an uber-bitch when it comes to customer service, but this really got under my skin. They seemed to move into action only once they knew other members were stuck behind this elderly man -- at which point, I tend to think I'd be driven to apologize to my clients for the inconvenience. But that's just me. What really bothered me, though, is that the staff knew there was an elderly man at the exit, having obvious difficulty with the system, and no one considered going out there (which, yes, involves going downstairs and outside and a quarter block down) and helping him. Sure, he's old and doddery, but he's also apparently a paying client.

Am I being ultra-sensitive? Probably. Still, it cheeses me and cheeses me good. I just really hope that when I'm old and incompetent -- or, hell, young and incompetent -- someone will help me out. Is that so much to ask?