Things I love: earth edition

Yesterday was earth day and I didn't get you anything. Man, I feel just awful about that. I hope that someone else filled up your earth day stocking with leaves, reusable grocery bags, additive-free-beauty products and hope. Me? I took kind of a literal approach, planting things in actual earth. I went to the nursery and bought some gorgeous yellow and purple pansies and filled my window boxes and pots for the deck. It's really as close as I come -- and as close as I like to come -- to gardening.

Pansies are such a beautiful little flower, don't you think? With their lush little faces shining up at you? They're in good company, too. Chris and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather (finally!) and strolled into town for dinner and, let me tell you, it's a veritable riot of spring in these parts. Gone already are the crocuses that poked their hopeful faces up through the dirt even when spring was not a confirmed notion and in their place are daffies, tulips, hyacinths that perfume the street from feet away, and bright bursts of forsythia.

Perhaps most breath-taking of all, though, are the magnolia trees in the yards of the houses on West Washington. Aren't those the most amazing blossoms? Giant, elegant, the most perfect shape and shades of white and pink. Who came up with those? Genius, I tell you!

Would that I had taken my camera with me! Instead, I decided to try being in the moment and observing these things first hand rather than removing myself behind the lens and filtering the experience. Worthy, I say, but makes it harder to share. So for now, you'll just have to get your own spring.

Wandering into town last night, returning just when it was a tad chilly, reminded Chris and I of why we fell in love with Ann Arbor in the first place. And, for those curious, the answer is yes, it's worth every extended moment of winter.