A million photos from Scotland

I've added a new plug-in for my blog, which uses PicLens Lite to create slideshows of photos posted here. If you wanna give it a whirl, click the link at the bottom of the post. It's a very cool thing. Below's a shot of Cleveden Crescent, the Glasgow West End street we stayed on our first night in town this trip. There are a number of these crescent-shaped streets around Glasgow, redolent with the Victorian architecture that is the city's hallmark.

05.01.08 Glasgow 08

One of my favorite things about the Victorian architecture is the details... like this beautiful period doorbell below. Why don't we make things this simple and lovely anymore?

05.01.08 Glasgow 02

Speaking of lovely details, behold this rainy rooftop, the view from our room at the White House Apartments.

05.01.08 Glasgow 07

As regular blog readers will know, I have a particular (and peculiar) fondness for the image of a lovely cup of coffee and I take shots of my coffees on my travels the world over. This one's a white coffee, as they say, set against the pink formica table tops of the University Cafe on Byres Road. I love the fact that the Uni, as its called, has been around forever and my mom and dad came here on dates, probably sitting across from each other at this very same table.

05.01.08 Glasgow 06 

Some of the best details of Glasgow's architecture requires a glimpse upwards. Behold this birdie perched on a beautiful spire. The stained glass on the bay windows of the red sandstone tenements are another architectural hallmark of Glasgow's West End.

05.03.08 Glasgow 01

There is a very specific quality to the light in Glasgow. I'm a sucker for how it hits the red sandstone tenements in the morning.

05.04.08 Glasgow 03

Speaking of tenements, below is the view from the kitchen window of the flat we rented for the majority of our stay. At night you get a glimpse into other people's worlds, somehow both sweet and voyeuristic...

05.03.08 Glasgow 04

Again with the Victorian details: gorgeous green glass tiles adorn the fireplace of our rental flat.

05.03.08 Glasgow 03

On one of our days, we took a trip to the People's Palace and Winter Gardens, the museum to Glasgow's social history. While the museum proper wasn't the most riveting thing we'd done, there was a concert of multicultural music in the Winter Gardens, complete with wee kiddies banging along on percussion. Lovely and very moving.

05.04.08 Glasgow 02

Did I mention the weather was glorious while we were there? Stumbled upon this oeuvre en produce at a green grocer's on Byres Road on our way to the Botanic Gardens. Never have I found eggplant quite so beautiful.

05.05.08 Glasgow 03

This is Kibble Palace at the Botanic Gardens. Apparently the glasshouse underwent a massive renovation in 2006.

05.05.08 Glasgow 04

Botanics, fittingly enough. Sunny days like these are not what one typically associates with Glasgow. It was a stunner.

05.05.08 Glasgow 06

Don't let this pretty green plant fool you -- it's in the carniverous section!

05.05.08 Glasgow 10

I often forget to take photos of actual people when I'm traveling, but here's actual proof that Chris was with me!

05.05.08 Glasgow 15

Sigh. I know. For someone who professes not to be such a girlie girl, I'm a sucker for stunning pink blooms. I don't know what these flowers are but I remember them from when my grandma and grandpa would take us to the Botanic Gardens. Anyone know?

05.05.08 Glasgow 11

I'm also a total sucker for meringues. I managed to get away without eating one of these fluffy wonders (from Kember & Jones on Byres Road) but not without snapping their likeness.

05.05.08 Glasgow 17

And proof that I was there too -- along with my aunt Noriko and my uncle Douglas. Coffee and people watching at the Patisserie Francaise on Byres Road, our last afternoon.

05.05.08 Glasgow 19

(For those who wish to see even more shots of our brief visit, visit my Flickr page here.)05.01.08 Glasgow 06