And a few more photos

050208 Wedding (38) Our trip to Scotland was scheduled so that we could enjoy two celebrations: the wedding of my oldest friend Deborah and my Grandma's 90th birthday (a few days early.) Deborah and I met when we were four years old and we're absolutely the worst when it comes to staying in touch with each other. Still, we have that kind of friendship where even though we go months without emailing, we have enough history that we know the other is floating out there in the universe and will be there for the asking.

And so Chris and I were thrilled that we could be there on her big day, which took place at the lovely Shieldhill Castle, about an hour outside Glasgow. (That's Deborah & her husband, Patrick, below, in case you hadn't put two and two together.)

050208 Wedding (31)

This is Ruby, Deborah's niece and flower girl, reacting (probably quite rightly too) to something Chris was saying to her.

050208 Wedding (34)

And Libby, older sister of Ruby and also a flower girl. (Sans wand but with basket for flower petals.)

050208 Wedding (36)

Jennifer, mother of the bride, looking pleased-as-punch just minutes before the ceremony.

050208 Wedding (8)

Deb's brother, Ed, and father, Neil, striking dashing poses.

050208 Wedding (48)

Imparting a bit of motherly wisdom to the new bride, perhaps?

050208 Wedding (51)

Toadstools and daffodils.

050308 Glasgow (6)

Each of the rooms at Shieldhill is named for a Scottish battle. Although this wasn't ours, the name seemed to fit me quite well...

050308 Glasgow (9)

And, on the day following the wedding, me donning a top hat because, of course, that's what one does...

050308 Glasgow (3)

And, of course, more photos of the big day in this Flickr set.