Proof that my life is really, really hard

I'll be missing not one but TWO shows over in Royal Oak this week -- Rilo Kiley on Sunday night and Kids in the Hall next Friday. So if you have tickets and are able to attend either or (cruel Gods!) both, be sure to have a swell time. Just don't go tellin' me all about it.

p.s. I will also be missing the Magic '80s Prom featuring John Waite, apparently, but I'm not exactly broken up about that. (I think it's ironic that this show is 18 and over...considering that no one under the age of 18 has any idea who John Waite is. In fact, using that standard, it should be 35 and over.)

p.p.s. I suppose the bright side is that I can put off figuring out where the hell Royal Oak is for a while longer...