A new blog

So it appears the hiatus from this blog is turning a little bit more permanent, at least for now. The truth is, I'm just not finding the impetus to write here. It feels too amorphous to me and I figure if it's boring me to write it, it's DEFINITELY boring you to read it. However. I do miss the writing practice, only I figured I could use a little more help in terms of structure, focus and deadlines. So to tickle my own fancy, I've started a new blog here. I'm hoping I'll use it to chronicle changes weekly leading up to -- and perhaps beyond -- my 40th birthday in November of this year. I have no idea if this little experiment will pan out or not, but I figured it's worth a shot. I hope you'll find it somewhat entertaining. And if you don't, I hope you'll let me know. No, really.

Also, on an administrative note, I'm trying to figure out a way to copy my commenter user registrations over to the new blog, but so far no success. If you're driven to comment, you may need to re-register. Thanks!