Hello? Is this thing even on?

Pssst. Hey. It's me. From a few years ago. I'm thinking about trying to turn over the engine on this blog to see if she still runs. I keep waking up in the night lately thinking that I miss blogging. How weird is that?

When I blogged here back in the good ol' days - before abandoning ship for that wacky year-long change experiment - I was pretty new to Ann Arbor. Exploring the town gave me things to write about, especially in the early days. Until I ran out of things to write about.

I think this go-around will be different. More "life," less "northern town."Some stuff about my trying to learn how to take photos. Some adventures in cooking and baking. Some travel. Some navel-gazing. Okay, probably a fair amount of navel-gazing.

I suspect I'll probably be writing a lot, too, about recovery stuff, especially since that's the subject matter of my novel I'm struggling to finish. I know that's not always comfortable and/or interesting for people to read about. That's okay. I get that. And I forgive you.

Damn, I'm magnanimous.

Now I just have to go off, deal with some dough that's rising* and decide what to write about first.

*Not metaphorical. If I meant that as a metaphor, I'd probably have to insist you stop reading for your own sake.